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Pay the trademark registration fee

You can easily pay the trademark registration fee just by filling in the following items.
Obtain data from the JPO database (J-platpat) and calculate the payment amount.

Business application-No.

4-digit number-6-digit number

(Example) Business application 2020-002020

The details of the right and the amount to be paid are displayed below.

Applicant Living place Chemtech Co., Ltd.

Application number Business application 2020-000392


Number of divisions 2 divisions (Category 14 and 17)

Registration fee 5 years (32,800 yen) 10 years (56,400 yen)

Fee 11,000 yen (tax included)


We will email you an invoice. Please enter the email address to which the invoice will be sent.

Thank you for your input.

As a general rule, we will contact you on the day you make an inquiry (we will respond by the next day at the latest).

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