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About patent pension payment / trademark renewal service

Appropriately manage the intellectual property rights of the right holder,

Provide a system that can be easily paid to the JPO.

 Our office provides a system that allows right holders anywhere in Japan to easily pay the pension (renewal cost) to the JPO at a low price.

I will explain the details. In order to maintain the rights of patents, utility model rights, and industrial design rights, it is necessary to pay the JPO once a year in principle. Also, trademark rights need to be renewed only once every 5 or 10 years. These procedures are right bidder is it can also yourself, mainly and on behalf of patent office (patent attorney) is, in general have separately from 10,000 before and after the yen fee and the pension is claimed I will.

However, right holders of local cities other than Kanto and Kansai and remote islands such as Okinawa have little information on patent attorney fees, so there are patent offices that charge a fee of 30,000 yen or more for one payment procedure. To do. It is true that local patent offices have fewer jobs than Tokyo and Osaka, so it is unavoidable to set a high fee per case, but at present, local rights. I was afraid that the burden of maintaining rights would be heavier for people, which could lead to the decline of local industries.

In order to correct such geographical inequality in patent attorney services, we have decided to provide an online system that allows right holders anywhere in Japan to pay (update) to the JPO for 5,000 yen. It was.

In this service, when the right holder enters his / her right number that he / she wants to pay, the program automatically calculates the payment amount and sends an invoice to the customer, and the invoice amount is transferred. When you receive it, the program will automatically detect the payment and create a payment (update) document to the JPO. The patent attorney will make a final check of the document and complete the procedure to the Patent Office. When the procedure is completed, the program will automatically notify the right holder that the procedure has been completed.

In addition, if you make a payment using this service, we will send you an email notifying you of the payment deadline 6 months, 3 months, and 1 month before the next payment deadline. Since 95% of the proceedings to the Patent Office that has been automated by IT technology can keep labor costs to a minimum, we have a one-time fee successfully be reduced to 5000 yen less than conventional half.

We will continue to automate all procedures with the JPO and provide our customers with low-cost, fast and reliable services. With this philosophy of "easy payment to the JPO at a low price online", we will build an environment where right holders nationwide can easily apply to the JPO .

Representative Patent Attorney Takashi Yamashita

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