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Fee table

Simple and easy-to-understand fee structure

Payment procedure / renewal procedure is 5000 yen each time

Patent fee

Request for examination before March 31, 2004

Request for examination after April 1, 2004

Utility model registration fee

Design registration fee

Trademark right renewal registration application fee

Discounted price list of our fees

One-time payment is advantageous

Discount is a dedicated service for right holders who have created an account.

For patent rights, utility model rights, and design rights, the above red discount price will be applied if you request payment of two or more rights at once. However, the discount does not apply to rights in different jurisdictions (for example, one patent right and one utility model right).

For 6 months (additional payment period) after the payment deadline has passed, you can maintain your rights by paying the JPO twice the normal fee.

As a general rule, the pension cannot be paid after the additional payment period has passed.

However, if the right holder is in a serious condition before or after the expiration date of the right, or if there is a natural disaster at the level of the Great East Japan Earthquake, payment may be made exceptionally.

Various application procedures


Other procedures

Partial deletion of patent claims 5,000 yen / time

Amendment to reduce the number of trademark rights classifications 5,000 yen / time

Notification of change of address of right holder 8,000 yen / time

Notification of change of name of right holder 8,000 yen / time

Patent examination 15,000 yen / 1 times

Application for reduction of patent fee 15,000 yen / time

The patent fee will be reduced by half or one-third if the prescribed conditions are met.

Please refer to this link for details of the conditions.

Click here for a simple judgment page for the patent fee reduction and exemption system for individuals and SMEs

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