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Introduction of representative patent attorney

Introduction of Patent Attorney


2006 Graduated from Department of Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University

2006-Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. (Chemical development)

2008-International Patent Office in Osaka City (-2017)

Passed the Patent Attorney Examination in 2011 (Patent Attorney Registration No. 18569)

2013 Practical training at US Patent Law Office ( Global IP Counselors LLP )

2014 US Patent Agent exam (score 63/100)

2017-Patent Attorney Office Japan Intellectual Property Payment Service Established

2018-Started activities of Kawanishi City Council members

2019-Administrative scrivener registration (administrative scrivener registration number 19301337)

(Membership of professional institutions)

Japan Patent Attorneys Association , Kawanishi City Chamber of Commerce, Hyogo Prefecture administrative scrivener Board

(Ownership qualification)

Patent attorney, administrative scrivener, Eiken quasi 1st grade, Chinese test 3rd grade, TOEIC 840

(Main business)

Responsible for inquiries from customers and patents, utility models, designs, and trademark operations.

Responsible for the development and operation of management systems using Ruby and Ruby on rails.

(Date of birth / Blood type)

Born September 4, 1982 Type A

(Origin / Place of residence)

Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture / Kawanishi City, Hyogo Prefecture

(Specialized field)

While specializing in semiconductors, fuel cells , resists, photosensitive materials, polymer chemistry, and organic chemistry, we can also handle mechanical and electrical systems.

Since I can speak English and Chinese, my strength is that I can communicate with patent attorneys in other countries in English or Chinese.

(Specialty in college)

When I was a university student, I majored in material energy science and specialized in the maniac field of nuclear engineering. We investigated the adsorption behavior of radionuclides to soil using a fission multitracer, and made a presentation at the annual meeting of the Radiochemical Society of Japan held in Kanazawa on September 15, 2005. Click here for the paper at that time → Abstracts of the research presentations of the Radiochemistry Debate . Received the Student Category Poster Award.

(Research era at a company)

Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. was engaged in the development of surface protection film (Anti-Glare film) for flat panel displays. I learned the basic knowledge of polymer synthesis such as resin synthesis and experienced patent application 10 months after joining the company. The first patent application as an inventor was Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2008-197320 (antiglare coating composition, antiglare film and method for producing the same) . At this time, I had the opportunity to communicate in writing with a patent attorney, and I was interested in knowing the profession of patent attorney .

(Background of becoming a patent attorney)

The development product I was in charge of at Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. was accused of infringing the patent rights of another company, and at that time I was involved in a procedure (trial for invalidation) to invalidate the patent of the other party. At this trial for invalidation, I saw the fierce controversy between my company and other companies, and I found it interesting to exchange technical discussions, so I also wanted to become a patent attorney. I changed my job to a place. After two and a half years, I passed the patent attorney examination while gaining practical experience at a patent office.

(From becoming a patent attorney until becoming independent)

Even after becoming a patent attorney, I had practical experience at a patent office for the time being. Specializing in chemistry, I was in charge of domestic and overseas operations of a major chemical manufacturer of a major electronics manufacturer. I was also in charge of applying for patents to the Japan Patent Office of foreign companies. I went to a patent law firm in Washington, DC, USA for training, took the US Patent Agent Examination, and lived a fulfilling life as a working patent attorney. About 7 years after becoming a patent attorney, and about 10 years after changing jobs to a patent office, I became independent because I was able to do both domestic and overseas business.

(Motto as a patent attorney)
We process cases quickly by making full use of IT technology (programming skills).

I try to respond as soon as possible with "first win" . The statement is created with an emphasis on clarity.

We want to have relationships with a wide range of customers through the internet. If it is one yen in Kinki, I will go on a business trip.

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