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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Our office operates based on the following management philosophy.

① Providing services that allow you to acquire intellectual property rights at a reasonable price

In order to acquire patent rights, utility model rights, industrial design rights, trademark rights, and these industrial property rights, extremely sophisticated administrative procedures are required, so the procedure costs have been very high in the past. Our office will provide these procedures at a reasonable price.

② Thorough Professionalism

Our firm is committed to providing professional patent attorneys with high quality professional services. We will do our utmost to acquire intellectual property rights. We will also properly protect your intellectual property rights.

③ Fast is better than slow

It takes an enormous amount of time to prepare a procedure document in order to acquire an industrial property right. However, at our office, most of the document preparation work is automated by the program. For this reason, documents are prepared much faster than conventional patent offices.

④ You can work seriously without a suit

When requesting a patent attorney, you must request an interview, wear a suit, and visit the patent office. Our office eliminates such waste. We can make consultations and requests over the phone, arrange the contents by e-mail, and if you have any questions, you can always talk to the patent attorney over the phone. We believe that such an environment is the service that users really want.

⑤ Create a future patent office

 Our office makes full use of IT technology not only for document preparation but also for labor management and accounting processing. As a result, wasteful costs are minimized, and a reasonable price can be achieved compared to conventional patent offices.

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