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Employment information

Eliminate the clerical work of patent offices.

I want to make

It is such a system.

Abandon traditional values ​​and create future work styles

Based on this philosophy, we determine the working system of the organization.

The background of the current members is as follows.

Private Cloud System (IaaS) Development Engineer

Web (PHP) Application Engineer

Financial relations, patent attorney

Members from completely different backgrounds are gathered.

Currently as the 5th member

I'm looking for a server-side engineer for Ruby or php.

All programmers basically work from home,

We have adopted a complete flextime system.

Recruitment requirements

Application conditions

Recruitment type

Ruby or PHP server-side engineer

Recruitment background

Japan Intellectual Property Payment Service Co., Ltd. automates the office work of patent offices by programming and reduces the office work to the utmost limit.

Currently, there are various program development needs, but due to a shortage of programmers, sufficient development has not been completed. For this reason, we would like to develop the program as soon as possible and reduce clerical work. We would like to invite those who are enthusiastic about development as core members to apply.

Employment status

Limited time employees, complete with social insurance

Work location

Free as long as you can contact with Skype

Working hours

Freedom (However, you must be in a state where you can contact by Skype from 14:00 to 16:00 on weekdays)


5% to 45% of sales generated by using the development program will be paid

( Sales amount is calculated automatically by the system)

The transparency and return rate are set high because there are no benefits.

Application method

Send an email with your resume attached. Address:

[Required skills / experience]
About 3 years of work experience in Ruby or PHP (programming)
* Those who have less than 3 years of experience and those who are motivated are welcome.

[Welcome skills / experience]
We will give preferential treatment to those who have any of the following experiences and skills.
Those who have knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Ajax, etc. are welcome
DB design and construction experience with RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
Basic operation experience on Linux
Basic knowledge about network technology and security

[Welcome person]
Those who like to try new things
A serious and sincere person who has a heart that will not give up even if a difficult problem occurs
Those who can communicate smoothly

Business content

The programmers adopted this time mainly deal with software that automatically creates documents to be submitted to the JPO from the Web interface, and the server side (back) of the Web system that operates in conjunction with the Internet application software provided by the JPO. End).

As for the content of development, in addition to the back end, we may also be responsible for the development of the front end, so we welcome those who are interested in that area as well.

[Contents of the system to be developed]

 When the right holder (general consumer) who goes through the procedure with the JPO inputs specific data, the data is acquired from the JPO database based on the data, and the data is processed to create Word data (necessary). It is a Web application that performs calculation processing (if any) and submits the Word data created there to the JPO online.

In some cases, we consult from the system planning stage and propose specifications, in other cases we have already decided the specifications and are in charge of design and implementation, and in other cases we only implement. Basically, we will have a meeting at home by Skype.

The scale of the system is not large, and there are at most three engineers who implement it directly, and there is a culture of code reviewing each other for all projects. Depending on the system, you will be involved in a wide range of tasks such as planning meetings, design, implementation, and operation.

However, you may be asked to come to the office in Osaka (Umeda) only when you attend the meeting with a patent attorney. If you come to work at most twice a month within Asia, we will pay the full amount of transportation expenses overseas.

[Points of this work]

Some projects are waterfall-type, while others are agile-type. It is necessary to correctly understand the development concept presented by the patent attorney and proceed with the work.

[Attractiveness of this work]

◎ Because we do not have surplus personnel, we are a highly efficient and highly profitable patent office (I think that the income of core members is the highest level in the industry).

◎ Only two years have passed since the opening of the business, and we have continued to increase the number of requests without increasing the number of staff.
◎ You can enjoy the real thrill of venture business that overturns the old-fashioned structure of the patent industry.

◎ You can acquire a wide range of technologies and experience necessary for Web system development, and you can play an active role with great discretion.
◎ As a small number of elite core members, you can enjoy the rewards of growing your company.

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