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I think it's a unique service and the fees are low, but I'm worried because it's my first time using it. .. ..

For rights holders who are suffering from this, Japan Intellectual Property Payment Service has prepared a postpaid service. You can use the postpaid service by following the steps below.

Patent pension receipt

Trademark renewal registration notice

Design pension receipt

④ We will send you an invoice together with the receipt postcard of the Japan Patent Office.

⑤ Please deposit to our account according to the invoice.

Procedure (1) Please contact the right holder by phone with the right number you want to pay.

The phone number is 0120-924-494.

Procedure (2) We will pay the JPO fee in advance to the JPO.

Step ③ A receipt will be sent to us from the JPO within 3-4 weeks after payment.

The receipt is a postcard like the one below.

Since it is postpaid, it is safe even for the first-time user.

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