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How the right holder can go to the JPO by himself

We will explain the procedure for the right holder to pay / renew to the JPO by himself / herself. The procedure is not so difficult, so if you have time, you may challenge yourself.

If you do the procedure yourself, you will need to pay the JPO's digitization fee of 1900 yen and the postage of about 300 yen.

(1) Calculate the amount to be paid to the Japan Patent Office.

The amount to be paid varies depending on the patent right, utility model right, design right, and trademark right. Please refer to the price list for the payment amount.

For reference, the patent is as follows.

Due to the 2016 revision of the law, the amount of patent and trademark payments has changed.

  Please check the JPO site before and after the revision of the law.

If you make a mistake in the payment amount, the payment will not be accepted and the JPO will send you a notification of the deficiency.

Make sure to calculate the payment amount and make sure there is no mistake.

② Purchase a patent stamp of the above amount.

You must pay the patent office with a patent revenue stamp. Purchase a patent revenue stamp for the amount calculated in ①.

  Patent stamps are sold at collection and delivery post offices, invention promotion associations , and patent stamp sales offices on the 1st floor of the Japan Patent Office.

Patent stamps and revenue stamps are different. Don't buy revenue stamps by mistake.

Patent stamps are not available at some local post offices.

We recommend that you contact a large post office (collection and delivery post office) near you to see if you are handling patent revenue stamps.

③ Prepare documents to be submitted to the Japan Patent Office.

Prepare the documents to be submitted by the JPO. The documents to be submitted are as follows (extracted from the JPO website).

For details on how to write, refer to the JPO web page here.

If the payment document is incomplete, the JPO will send you an amendment order.

Check carefully to eliminate the written interaction with the Patent Office.

④ Submit the documents to be submitted to the Japan Patent Office.

Submit the documents to be submitted to the Japan Patent Office.

Submission method, and how to bring directly to the Tokyo Patent Office, there is a way to be submitted by mail. Click here for the mailing address.


Kasumigaseki 3-4-3, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

To the Commissioner of the Patent Office

In the case of mail, the right will expire even if it does not reach the JPO due to a mail accident.

I think it is an important right, so we recommend using registered mail for your safety.

⑤ Pay the digitization fee to the Japan Patent Office.

After the payment to the JPO is completed , you need to pay the JPO's digitization fee (1,900 yen / sheet).

A special payment form will be sent from the Industrial Ownership Electronic Information Center (telephone: 03-3237-6511).

The procedure is completed by paying to the JPO according to this payment form.

⑥ Finally

A receipt will be sent from the JPO about one month after the procedure is completed.

The right holder must manage the next payment deadline by himself and perform the same procedure before the next payment deadline.

Let's go to the JPO with plenty of time.

The JPO will not notify the right holder of the next payment deadline, so you will have to manage yourself.

Please note that if you inadvertently forget the deadline, your rights will expire.

So far, we have explained the procedure for paying / renewing the right pension by yourself.

How was it?

Some people may be able to do this kind of procedure by themselves, and after all they may have decided to ask a professional. I think that each person is different, so I would like you to pay and manage it in a way that suits you.

If you have any questions about the procedure yourself, please feel free to contact us as a professional on this road will answer free of charge.

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