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Summary of frequently asked questions by phone

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions over the phone. The questions are asked in descending order of frequency.

Q. Please explain what the payment fee is 5000 yen.

A. In order to maintain patent rights, utility model rights, and design rights, it is necessary to pay the JPO once a year.

Trademark rights need to be renewed only once every 5 or 10 years.

It means that we undertake the payment procedure to the above patent office for a one-time fee of 5,000 yen.

In addition to the fee of 5,000 yen, you need to pay the pension and renewal fee to the JPO.

In other words, it means that the payment procedure will be performed on your behalf for the payment fee to the JPO + 5400 yen (tax included).

Q. The fee of 5000 yen is quite cheap, why?

A. Almost all tasks (invoicing, document preparation, submission report) are automated by programs and AI.

For human work, patent attorney Yamashita only checks the documents before submission to the JPO.

An invoice will be sent to your email address 0.5 seconds after receiving the request from the right holder.

0.5 seconds after the program detects your deposit, we will prepare the documents to be submitted to the Patent Office.

We submit to the JPO from 17:30 in the evening every day, and report the completion of the procedure between 18:00 and 20:00 on that day.

Q. By when can I apply and pay?

A. We accept payment until 16:30 in the evening of the day of payment. Saturdays and Sundays are not supported.

However, it is essential that the payment from the right holder can be confirmed by 16:30 on the day of the payment deadline.

Q. I want to confirm my current rights. How can I check it?

A. Please access the database of the Japan Patent Office ( J-platpat ).

You can confirm by entering the registration number of the type of right (patent, utility model, design, trademark).

Q. I applied for payment of multiple rights with "Pay Now".

Should I deposit separately?

A. If you have multiple invoices, it is more reliable to deposit one by one.

Of course, we will confirm the payment, but we may call you to confirm it.

Q. I applied for "Pay now", but I didn't receive an email.

A. You either mistyped your email address or it was sorted to your junk email folder.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please check your junk mail folder and register your e-mail address again.


Q. Is it a transfer scam?

A. No, it's not.

If the right holder is a joint-stock company, a limited liability company, or an association with legal personality, postpay will be provided only for the first time.

In the case of deferred payment, our office will ask for your company's right number, reimburse the required payment amount and pay it to the JPO.

After that, we will send you an invoice together with the receipt from the Patent Office. However, the maximum advance payment is 100,000 yen.

In addition, even if you are an individual right holder, if you are a business owner of a corporation, you can pay later by telling us the name of the corporation.

We are sorry for individuals who do not have a corporation and for non-profit organizations, but we only accept advance payments.

Q. I want to make a license agreement for rights. Can you find a licensor?

A. We are sorry, but we cannot undertake the business of searching for a licensor.

However, we have undertaken the business of introducing your company's rights on our web page (currently suspended).

It has been confirmed that many interesting inventions have been granted to individual patent owners.

Q. I want you to buy the right, or find a company to buy it.

A. We are sorry, but we cannot handle the sale and purchase of rights.

However, we have undertaken the business of introducing your company's rights on our web page (currently suspended).


Q. Will a receipt be issued?

A. Yes. About one month after the procedure is completed, the JPO will send you a receipt by postcard.

By mailing this receipt to the right holder, the right holder can confirm that the payment procedure has been completed.

Q. How much payment record do you have at present?

A. As of March 9, 2018, the number of trading companies is about 100, the payment record is about 130 times, and the number of management cases is about 900.

By the way , 2000 DMs were shipped at the end of December 2017, and 4000 DMs were shipped to the right holders who are approaching the deadline in February and March.

Q. This time I have already completed the payment procedure.

I would like to request it at the next payment, so please contact me before the deadline.

A. I understand.

We will notify you of the deadline by e-mail three times, six months before the deadline, three months before, and one month before the deadline.

However, please note that the meaning of the next payment will differ depending on the right holder.

Does it mean that you want to be notified of the payment of the next right of the right holder who has multiple rights?

Or does it mean that you want to be notified of the payment deadline for the next year of the paid rights?

Want will check, whether a you would like a deadline notification of any rights, please contact the registration number and e-mail address.

Q. Is it a patent office? Do you belong to a patent attorney?

A. It is not a patent office. It is a pension management office. Patent attorney Takashi Yamashita is participating as a co-representative.

Attorney Yamashita has about 10 years of work experience at a patent office in Osaka, and is a patent attorney specializing in chemical patents and strong in foreign-related work.

Q. Are there any other pension management companies?

A. There is. There are countless companies because pension management is not a patent attorney's specialty.

The largest pension management company is " Japan Technology Trading Co., Ltd. "

If you are a right holder who also has overseas rights , we recommend " Japan Technology Trading Co., Ltd. "

In general, pension management companies tend to have lower pension management costs than patent offices.

Q. I would like to complete the payment procedure, what should I do?

A. There are two types, "Pay now" and "Account creation payment".

If you are in a hurry, we recommend "pay now". Please see "Pay Now" on our website.

Q. Do you have a landline phone?

A. Originally I intended to be a web service, so I didn't think I needed a phone, so I didn't sign a landline phone contract.

However, the current IP phones have poor call quality , and we have received more calls than expected.

For this reason, we are currently under contract for a landline phone, and a landline phone will be installed on March 12, 2018.

Q. How did you get information about our address and rights?

A. Those who have intellectual property rights (patent rights, utility model rights, design rights, trademark rights) have their addresses listed in the official gazette.
The list of rights was obtained from the JPO database (J-platpat).


Q. I created an account, but I don't see a list of rights. why?

A. It may be either a typo in the right holder's name or a web browser issue.

The account rights list is obtained from the rights holder's data from the JPO database (J-platpat).

For this reason, the registered name of the account must exactly match the name of the right holder registered with the Patent Office.

(For example, "Co., Ltd." cannot be omitted, there is a distinction between "inter" and "inter", and there is a distinction between "d" and "e")

You can modify the right holder name by clicking the right holder name at the top right of the account page → "Settings" → "Change right holder".

If the web browser is Internet Explorer, the list does not seem to be displayed under some version environments.

We have confirmed that the list is displayed on all versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Sorry to trouble you, but please browse the account page with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

We are currently modifying the system so that it can be viewed in all versions of Internet Explorer.

Q. I have created an account, but my rights list shows rights other than ours.

A. It seems that the rights of the right holder with the same name are displayed.

Sorry for your inconvenience, but please let us know the location of your company's address (we will identify it by the address and specify only your company's rights).

Q. I don't know how to apply for payment on the account page.

A. Select the right you want to pay from the rights in the list and click the "Details" symbol (?).

Detailed information about the rights is displayed. Check the contents of the right, and if there is no problem , click "Add to cart"

After that, click "Cart" at the top right of the page and click "Issue an invoice" to complete the procedure.


Q. I would like to request a trademark application, but how much is the procedure cost?

A. If you have application experience in the past and can request by simple exchange, we will accept a fee of 10,800 yen per application.

If you need more than an hour of consultation or trademark search before applying, we are currently busy and cannot respond.

Q. I would like to consult about patents and utility models.

A. It is difficult for us to undertake the current capacity. I'm sorry.

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