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Other services

(In development)

The following items can be processed online.

① Deadline notification service

② Request for patent examination

③ Payment of setting registration fee (pension for the first year)

④ Change of right holder's name / address / transfer (merger / inheritance / transfer)

⑤ Partial waiver of patent rights, utility model rights, and trademark rights

③ Payment of setting registration fee

When a patent decision (or trial decision) is received from the JPO, the applicant can obtain the right by paying the patent fee (so-called setting registration fee). If the setting registration fee is not paid, the application will be rejected.

The flow of the procedure for paying the setting registration fee is as follows.

By using this service, you can smoothly pay the setting registration fee without rejecting the application or the procedure. The procedure is about 1 minute just by filling out the prescribed form. The payment fee is a flat rate of 5,000 yen.


Change of name / address / transfer of right holder (merger / inheritance / transfer)

If the right holder changes his / her address (location) / name (name) after the right is registered, or if the right is transferred due to a merger, company split, transfer, etc., the actual condition of the right and the right information in the registration register New information must be registered in the register in order to match.

The flow of application for transfer of rights is as follows.

(Procedure fee)

You will be required to pay the setting registration fee and our office fee ( flat rate of 5,000 yen ).

The setting registration fee is as follows.

<Patent right setting registration fee>

<Design setting registration fee (separate request for secret design is 5,100 yen)>

<Trademark setting registration fee (please note that the amount is different from the renewal fee)>

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