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In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we refrain from having a meeting by interview and respond by having a meeting by Zoom.
The Zoom ID is 654 535 4637 and the password is 6hU5n4. Yamashita, a patent attorney, will respond.
Since all staff members work from home, telephone response may be delayed. We will get back to you as soon as we receive an incoming call.
January 1, 2021 Thank you very much for your help during the old year. I would like to say hello to the beginning of the year .
July 29, 2020 The number of trading companies has exceeded 3050, and the number of cases managed has exceeded 10,000.
May 16, 2019 Incorporated in Taiwan to expand business in Taiwan ( Taiki Satoshi Co., Ltd. , capital 100 Taiwan dollars).
April 1, 2019 Japan Intellectual Property Payment Service Co., Ltd. (capital: 5 million yen) was incorporated as a pension management company.
December 20, 2017 We have started to provide patent attorney services that make full use of the program and AI.

Service list

S ervice

Information for patent application beginners
I want to extend the term of trademark rights
I want to acquire the right of design
Information for trademark application beginners
I want to apply for a trademark quickly

Rest assured that the payment will be made after the payment to the JPO has been completed.

"Post-payment service" that is safe even for first-time users

Click here for details.

Customer testimonials

A long-established rice store that has been in business for 235 years since the Edo period

Trademarks 5136719, 5136720 Right holders

I received a notification of the deadline by fax and applied by phone. I was worried because it was my first request, but I was relieved because I asked for the procedure in advance. As a result, I was able to complete the procedure for less than half the price of the previous office.

Valuing the gifts of the sky and the earth, nurturing the future of Japan's agriculture and livestock industry

Saitama Prefecture Yamasho Foods Co., Ltd.

Trademark No. 5563759 Right holder

At the patent office, a large fee was required for the trademark right renewal procedure, but with the Japan Intellectual Property Payment Service, the renewal procedure was possible for 5,000 yen regardless of the number of categories. This is a recommended service for trademark renewal procedures.

New variety of dragon fruit

The deliciousness of "Churamiyabi"

Trademark No. 5118162 Right holder

In Okinawa, a fax was sent from a patent office in Tokyo when the trademark was renewed.

Until now, I had paid to the patent office without any doubt, but after learning about this service, it was definitely better to use this to complete the procedure.

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